Make Passover Magical


Food equals love in our Family and we like to get everyone in on the Passover cooking! From our classic Matzo Ball Soup, to our delicious Brisket, to our over the top Chocolate Matzo Mousse Cake and more. We hope you enjoy our Recipes. Read more »


Involving children is the whole point of the Passover Seder. To make a memorable, meaningful and magical Seder, involve kids in every way possible. We created some fun, kid friendly projects including Engraved Napkin Rings and a DIY seder plate. Read more »


Passover is a meaningful, magical time, especially when you understand its history and celebrate tradition. Read how we make Passover fun for children with our Kid Friendly Torah Test, and enhance your knowledge of the food traditions through The Story of Charoset . Explore our Philosophy section to refresh your memory or learn something new. Read more »

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