Passover Gnome Garden

Gnome Gardens Group

Your guests will be tickled pink seeing these adorable little terrarium gardens set on your seder table this Passover, complete with Parsley “Karpas” sprigs “growing” from the garden, Andy’s favorite Garden Gnomes, and Frogs (one of the Passover Plagues)! We like to use what we have laying around the house to fill the bottom of the garden – there are so many variations on this activity. Feel free to send us your imaginative garden ideas on our Breaking Matzo Facebook page; we would love to see your creative creations!


  • Gnome 2” mini gnome
  • Sitting Garden frogs (pack of 3)
  • Bulk gnomes and mushrooms (if you’re looking to order a lot)
  • Jar, glass bowl, or plastic container, wine glass (upside down) or right side up
  • Colored sand, aquarium gravel, rocks, pebbles
  • Moss
  • Parsley sprigs
  • Glue
  • Optional: Wood sticks (skewers or toothpicks or green floral stakes) only if you are transporting your Passover Gnome Garden

Step 1:

Layer Sand


Step 2:

Layer Gravel


Step 3:

Layer Rocks


Step 4:

Layer Moss


Step 5:

Lay garden items and gnome on top layer. If transporting garden, glue frogs and gnome onto a stick so that stick slides under rocks and garden doesn’t shift.


Step 6:

Clip and push sprigs of parsley into top of garden. Your Gnome Garden is now complete!

Passover Gnome Garden Final