Breaking Matzo is truly a team effort. I am so grateful to the help and guidance of such a talented group of people.  I want to thank them all for helping me bring alive my vision for making Jewish Home Holidays Magical, Meaningful, and Memorable. They each provided such valuable assistance and advice for developing our ideas for Food, Fun, and Philosophy. I am so grateful to each of them.

I am especially grateful to my family. My parents, Mom (of blessed memory) and Dad, who taught my brothers, Laurence, Alex, and me so much about Food, Fun, and Jewish Philosophy.  Thanks to you both, and our grandparents, we grew up in a wonderful Jewish household.

Of course, I am so blessed to have the help and involvement of my children, Caroline and Lucy, for inspiring and helping make Breaking Matzo come to life, and especially with their wonderful video participation.  You have both made me so very proud!

Finally, thank you to our community of followers, friends, and fans. I hope that we can all continue to inspire each other to make the Jewish Home Holidays magical, meaningful, and memorable.

Chag Sameach!