About Andy Goldfarb

Andy Goldfarb

Who I am and why I created “Breaking Matzo”

Hi! My name is Andy Goldfarb. I believe in making life Magical, Meaningful, and Memorable.

As a venture capitalist, I invest in the dreams of entrepreneurs and delight in the fruition of their vision. That’s one kind of magic for me. But as a father, I believe in another kind of magic too. The magic of sharing holidays and life events with my children.

Andy and daughters Caroline & Lucy

Andy and his daughters, Caroline (left) and Lucy (right).

Andy and daughters Lucy & Caroline

Andy and his daughters, Lucy (left) and Caroline (right)

Passover has a special place in our family. Over the years, my children have helped me cook our special Passover recipes. We blast music in the kitchen and have so much fun cooking and preparing for the holiday as a family––my mother, my two daughters, Caroline and Lucy. My heart soared when my oldest daughter came home from college just to cook the Passover meal with us. On our very first Family Passover, I made “Lucky Matzo Balls” for my kids, with an edible hidden surprise inside. The kids squealed with delight when they found one.

But it’s not only about the food. My children share in the larger context of Passover as well. They help me with the Seder, bringing the Four Questions and the Ten Plagues to life (with finger puppets!), and each year the kids design a new cover for our annual Goldfarb Family Haggadah.

I grew up celebrating Passover with my great grandfather, Max Fish, in Baltimore, Maryland. I loved the family gathering and looked forward to it all year long. It is noteworthy that my older brother found the Afikomen 15 years in a row –– and that I never once found the Afikomen myself!

Max Fish Family Photo

The Passover tradition goes back far in my family. Recently I found a family photo of my children’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather celebrating Passover Seder in 1930 in Dynow, Poland. This photo shows the direct linkage of 150 years of Goldfarb family members celebrating the Passover Seder. Finding the photo was quite a discovery, made sweeter by the fact that the youngest family member in the photo became a famous Rabbi and his son performed my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in Israel!

When I began studying the Torah with my rabbi, I found tremendous meaning in the story of Passover and the various rituals of the Seder. The more I studied, the more fascinated I became.

I believe strongly that the Passover story of escaping from Slavery in Egypt, to Wandering in the Wilderness, and finally reaching Freedom in the Promised Land is a beautiful, time-tested metaphor for each of us in our own personal life journey.

Over the years, I would occasionally hear someone say, “Our Passover Seder is boring. We rush through the service so we can eat and have fun.” I was so surprised! A Seder can be boring?! Really?!

Our Seders run large and multi-generational, often with 25 -30 people and always include first time Passover celebrants. I believe that by making the holiday magical, memorable, and meaningful for all generations, we increase the likelihood of families continuing the Passover tradition, generations into the future.

Breaking Matzo is my attempt to share how my family creates lasting memories around the Seder table. I hope you will find ideas to make your Passover Seder even more Magical, Meaningful, and Memorable for your own family and friends. We invite you to share your ideas and your experiences with us!