Decorating Your Passover Table

Passover Table Flowers

Stones and natural elements from the desert, where the Israelites lived and worked, are reminiscent in our table linen splashed with shiny metallic accents. Simple white napkins edged with metallic silver trim coordinate elegantly with the cloth. A bit of modern and metallic mercury glass vases and votive candles romanticize the table, and beautiful garden roses and ranunculus flowers in blush pink and salmon complete the traditional look. Create your own table with a mix of traditional and keepsake Passover items and a little imagination! Our own tablescape contains years of tradition…passed down in the family for generations, and thus celebrates the past and makes the present magical.

Hover over the table to learn about the items on the traditional Passover seder table.

Formal Passover Seder Table Haggadah Haggadah Haggadah Haggadah Haggadah Matzo Elijah's Cup Miriam's Cup Charoset Charoset Washing of Hands Salt Water Karpas Roasted Egg Shank Bone Hazeret Afikoman Bitter Herbs Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Seder Plate