Potato Stamping for Hanukkah Wrapping Paper, Gift Cards & More

Hanukkah Potato Stamp Final

Potato printing is an old favorite. It’s a terrific craft project for the whole family. Together you can make some beautiful materials for your Hanukkah celebration: homemade wrapping paper, table cards, aprons, napkins and more. Since you’ll be buying many potatoes for your Latkes, why not buy a few extra for this project. It’s easy and fun. Just watch the video and follow the steps below and you’ll be creating your own unique projects in no time.


  • cookie cutter (Hanukkah shapes – metal cookie cutters are best!)
  • knife
  • large russet potato or sweet potato
  • towel
  • acrylic paints (fabric paint is best if you are painting on fabric)
  • metal tray or paper plate
  • paper or fabric on which to stamp


Step 1:
Cut a potato in half and use your favorite Hanukkah cookie cutter to press into the potato at least ½” deep.
Potato Stamp_1


Step 2:
Using a paring knife, cut the negative pieces out around the potato and dispose leaving the cookie cutter shape protruding from potato. Pat your potato shape dry with a paper towel.
Potato Stamp_2

Step 3:

Dip your shape into acrylic paint and stamp onto choice material such as paper, fabric napkins, aprons, tablecloth. The sky is the limit!
Potato Stamp_3