DIY Havdalah Candle

DIY Havdalah Candle

Havdalah marks the end of the sabbath and the beginning of a new week. Naturally this constitutes a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service taking place at sundown on Saturday. This braided multi-wick candle is beautifully lit during the ceremony as a blessing is heard. This ceremony is popular for its beauty and timing (just in time for an evening party to follow the service). We used rolled beeswax (as we used in another one of our DIYs-see hanukkah menorah candles to create this fabulous DIY!

Beeswax and Wick
Hairdryer  (if wax is not pliable-usually when too cold)
Rubber gloves

Before you begin, lay out three different color 16” beeswax sheets.
Cut out two of each color  4” x 8” sheet of each color. Totaling 3- 4” x 8” sheets.
Measure 6-8 ½”wick ½” for each sheet (3 in total).

DIY Havdalah Candle Materials


Step 1:
Roll each wax tightly around laid out wick so wick is hanging out 1/2 “ on one side
laying from end to end of 8” side.

DIY Havdalah Candle Step 1


Step 2: Roll wax with wick in the middle from end to end.
Note: If wax begins to break,  heat for a bit with blowdryer to make more pliable.

DIY Havdalah Candles Step 2


Step 3: Repeat three times with three different color waxes.


Step 4: Join three pillars together and squeeze at base of candles
to join them together at the bottom.

DIY Havdalah Candle Step 4


Step 5: Braid All wax pieces together.

DIY Havdalah Candle Step 5


DIY Havdalah Candle