Finding the Worm 3/24/20

Robin Gets the Worm

As the global pandemic seems to worsen, I look for the light at the end of the tunnel.  A great motivator for me is thinking about legacy. I am so grateful to the legacy that my family has provided me.

  • My grandfather Normy told me “Don’t let anyone rain on your parade!”
  • My mom, of blessed memory, told me “The early worm gets the early worm, the late bird gets the late worm, there is ALWAYS a worm”

During challenging times, I find myself reflecting on these seemingly simple sayings. For me, they are simply not so simple. They have been powerful fuel and motivation for me to drive, survive, thrive, and live.

I have also shared these blessings with my daughters, Caroline and Lucy. I can feel the love and encouragement from my Grandfather and Mom from above and around as they feel the impact that their words have on my children.

During these times of reflection, legacy can help create a sense of belonging and may mitigate any feelings of loneliness.

I think that leaving a legacy creates meaning for each of us.

  • How can we find meaning in our lives? Can we look to our family traditions for guide and inspiration?
  • What legacy has your family left to you? What is your legacy that you will leave to your family?

Here is a link to a blog that I wrote on the topic of legacy.  (Full disclosure – I also integrate my passion for photos!)