Reconnecting with a Hobby 3/26/20

My comic book collection in a box

Given how much time I am in my house, I thought I would share my new project.  I am finally organizing my childhood comic book collection!  I have not seen these comics in over 35 years!

My comic book collection organization on the floor

Going through these comics has brought me smiles and joy!  I remember how diligently I cataloged them as a young boy.

My inventory list of all of my comics which I created and typed when I was 9 years old

  • What is a new project that you can start during this Life in the Pause?
  • Do you have a childhood collection or hobby that you could rekindle in these Life in the Pause period?
  • Would it bring you joy and happiness?



Spider Man Cartoon signed by John Romita Sr. (original Spider Man artist)

Me and my parents on my first Cruise, the Daphne, in 1975 in Venice.  I wore my superhero tee shirts every day of the trip!