Reconnecting with a Hobby 3/26/20

Comics in a box

My comic book collection in a box

Given how much time I am in my house, I thought I would share my new project.  I am finally organizing my childhood comic book collection!  I have not seen these comics in over 35 years!

Comic Book Collection

My comic book collection organization on the floor

Going through these comics has brought me smiles and joy!  I remember how diligently I cataloged them as a young boy.

Typed Comic Book List

My inventory list of all of my comics which I created and typed when I was 9 years old

  • What is a new project that you can start during this Life in the Pause?
  • Do you have a childhood collection or hobby that you could rekindle in these Life in the Pause period?
  • Would it bring you joy and happiness?



Spiderman Illustration

Spider Man Cartoon signed by John Romita Sr. (original Spider Man artist)

Andy & his parents Venice, Italy

Me and my parents on my first Cruise, the Daphne, in 1975 in Venice.  I wore my superhero tee shirts every day of the trip!