Succot Discussion Questions

Moroccan Succah Lanterns
  1. Succot is a time to rejoice and celebrate.
    • What do you want to celebrate in your life?
    • Who would you like to celebrate with?
  2. There are two classical explanations for the holiday of Succot: one is that the Israelites lived in succot while traveling from Egypt to the Promised Land (“succah of wilderness”). The other is that they built temporary huts or booths during the fall harvest season once living in the Land of Israel (“succah of abundance”).
    • What is your “succah of abundance?” What do you have in abundance? How do you express your gratitude?
    • What is your “succah of wilderness?”
    • What do you have that is most precious? Where do you receive support when you feel most vulnerable?

    For Kids:

    • What do you have a lot of? Does it make you happy?
    • What do you have that is most precious? How would that change if you had lot of it?
  3. Succot is a celebration of the Fall harvest.
    • How do you celebrate? Apple picking? Gardening? Harvesting fall vegetables?
  4. The succah is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with family, friends, neighbors and even new acquaintances.
    • Who would you like to invite into your succah this year?
    • Is there someone in your life that has passed away that you would like to join you in the succah this year?
    • Is there an historical or literary figure you would like to invite into the succah? Why?
  5. If possible, take the time to eat at least one meal with your family or friends in the succah this year. If you cannot sit in a succah, try a park or another beautiful outdoor space.
    • How is this different from your usual meals?
    • How does it feel eating a meal in the succah (or outdoors)?
  6. Succot marks the transition from fall to winter as we celebrate the autumn harvest.
    • How are you preparing for winter?
    • What do you enjoy most about the fall?
  7. As part of our Succot celebration, we hold the lulav and etrog in our hands and shake them in 6 directions: north, south, east, west, up, down, to signify the divine presence that infuses all of life.
    • Have you ever experienced God or the Divine Spirit in your life?
    • Is there a particular place where you feel a sense of connection with life as a whole?