Chronology of the Jewish People and Hanukkah

People Holding Israeli Flag

Overview of Jewish History


1700 BCE The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
1700 BCE The Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah
1300 BCE Exodus – Leaving Slavery in Egypt to enter the Promised Land
950 BCE First Temple Built
586 BCE First Temple Destroyed; Babylonian Exile
515 BCE Second Temple Built
167-164 BCE Maccabbee Revolt (Hasmonean Rebellion)
70 CE Destruction of Second Temple; Roman Exile
200 CE Compilation of the Mishnah
600 CE Compilation of the Babylonian Talmud
1096 CE First Crusade
1135-1204 CE Maimonides
1290 CE The Book of the Zohar
1492 Expulsion of Spanish Jewry
1525-1575 Revival of Kabbalah in Safed
1654 First Jews Arrive in the US (New Amsterdam) from Brazil
1729-1786 Moses Mendelsohn (forerunner of the Jewish Enlightenment)
1772 Rise of Eastern European Hasidism
1792 Jewish Emancipation in France
1770s-1880s Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment)
1800-1900 Development of Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative Judaism
1882 First Aliyah (large-scale immigration, mainly from Russia)
1897 First Zionist Congress
1939-1945 The Holocaust
1948 Establishment of the State of Israel
1967 Six Day War; Reunification of Jerusalem
1979 Israel and Egypt Sign Peace Treaty
1984, 1985, 1991 Operations Moses, Joshua, and Solomon (Ethiopian Jews brought to Israel)
1998 ICQ (Instant Messenger) Sold to AOL – Major Catalyst for the Israeli Start-Up Economy
2004 350th Anniversary of American Jewish Life
2009 Start Up Nation Published
2013 Israel’s 65th Anniversary


The Hanukkah Chronology

3408/352 Athens defeat Persia at Marathon
Plato; Greek philosophy
Sparta defeats Athens
Second Temple built
3594/167 Philip of Macedon conquers Athens and controls Greece
Alexander the Great rules Macedonia/Greece
Alexander dies; Ptolemies control Egypt and Israel
Seleucid Syrian/Greeks conquer Israel
Greek decrees against Judaism; desecration of Temple
3595/167 Mattityahu begins Maccabee Revolt (Hasmonean Rebellion) in Modin
3596/166 Mattityahu dies; Judah Maccabee leads Hasmonean family and war against Greeks
3597/165 Temple recaptured; miracle of the oil occurs
165-140 Jewish war against the Greeks continues
140-36 Hasmonean dynasty
3698/63 Rome conquers Jerusalem