Meditation Moments 3/18/20


Here are my “Life in the Pause” thoughts for today. I hope you find them helpful.

  • I find daily mediation to be an incredibly calming experience that helps put things in perspective. I recommend using Meditation Studio ( an App that I use every day. I hope that each of you will try to incorporate daily meditation into your lives for just 7 days. If you like it continue, if not, then stop. It only takes 4-10 minutes per day. It has changed my life (can you imagine me if I did not meditate daily!!!).
  • I recently found myself reexamining the logo for my company, Photo Butler. Last Friday, I wrote up what the logo meant and symbolized for the first time.  Saturday, I had a new insight.  Sometimes we can stare at the same thing over and over and never really connect with its meaning. Then one moment, an inspiration comes.
    • Is there any common object in your life that you can look at today and see from a new perspective?