More Meaningful Project Ideas from the Mitzvah Bowl

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The Mitzvah Bowl is your easy guide for finding the ideal bar/bat mitzvah project. It provides volunteer opportunities for high school students looking to fulfill community service hours. Additionally, the Mitzvah Bowl offers resources for youth groups, clubs, scouting troops and families seeking a way to help others and to make a difference.

We research organizations who have a need in the community. Then we compile those organizations in a database format which the bar/bat mitzvah students may use to help them focus on a particular area of interest. The stock is updated with current information continuously.

Additionally, our Blog page features meaningful teen volunteer stories to inspire others. The “more ideas” page has even more unique ways a tween/teen can give back to their community.

Send your mitzvah project or teen volunteer story to We may publish it on our site!! If you are unable to find a mitzvah project, email us and we will give you personalized help.