Other Hanukkah Sources: Books and Websites


Title Author Publishing Date
Chanukah – Eight Nights of Light, Eight Gifts For The Soul Apisdorf, Shimon 2000
The Christmas Menorahs – How a Town Fought Hate Cohn, Janice 1995
Speaking Torah – Spiritual Teachings from around the Maggid’s Table Green, Arthur; Leader, Ebn; Evans, Ariel, & Rose, Rabbi Or 2013
The Jewish Way – Living The Holidays Greenberg, Rabbi Irving 1988
Chanukah In A New Light – Grandeur Heroism and Depth Hutner, Rabbi Iytzchak 2005
Through Your Hands Lamberski, Meir 2009
New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha of the Holy Bible Oxford University Press 1977
Start-Up Nation – The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle Senor, Dan & Singer, Saul 2009
Hidden Lights – Chanukah and the Jewish/Greek Conflict Stolper, Rabbi Pinchas 2005
Inside Chanukah – Fascinating and Intriguing Insights of Chanukah, Its Miracles, and Its History Strickoff, Aryeh Pinchas 2012
Seasons Of Our Joy – A Modern Guide To The Jewish Holidays Waskow, Arthur 1982
A Different Light – The Big Book of Hanukkah Zion, Noam & Spectre, Barbara 2000
A Different Light – The Hanukkah Book of Celebration Zion, Noam & Spectre, Barbara 2000

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