Radical Change 4/3/20

Passover Seder Table

I want to share a concept of radical change.

On February 26, the Breaking Matzo team, presented an idea to have a Virtual event for Passover this year.  I read the proposal briefly.  I responded immediately “No”.  “Why not they asked?” “Because I have so many other things going on, I really have never tried it before, and….”

How the world has radically changed since February 26!  I am proud to announce that my attitude to Virtual Gatherings and Work from Home has also radically changed.  Below is my email launching Breaking Matzo’s Virtual Passover offering.  I am incredibly grateful to the entire Breaking Matzo team for heroic efforts to create this virtual offering in less than five days!  We have already received a huge response from the Breaking Matzo community!

  • Has this period been a catalyst for you to have a radical change in your attitude or perspective?

I am so proud to announce that Breaking Matzo is launching Virtual Passover to help celebrate Passover and connect our hearts during this period of social distancing.

Historical chance for All Ages to Sing the 4 Questions!

This year’s Seder ritual of Singing the Four Questions may make Jewish History!  The ritual is to have the youngest member at the Seder table sing the four questions – throughout Jewish history the average singer’s age is probably around 8 or 9 years old.  This year, the youngest member at Seder Tables may be in their 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s!  We are asking the Jewish community to submit videos of them (of all ages!) singing the 4 questions to us. We will use these to create an acapella montage showing that even in times of isolation we are together, strong, and joyful.

People will be able to submit their videos in the comments section of our 2020 Passover Contest post on the Breaking Matzo Facebook page.

Resources for Virtual Passover

Breaking Matzo is putting together resources for people to have a magical, meaningful, and memorable Passover while respecting social distancing and abiding by “safer at home” policies. I have gathered blogs about the wisdom of the Torah, and useful social isolation Seder tips from around the internet. These wonderful and inspiring resources can be found in our new Virtual Passover section.

Virtual Passover Gatherings each night at 6pm ET

Additionally, Breaking Matzo will host a variety of live interactive Passover events via Zoom every day at 6pm ET beginning Saturday, April 4th  through Friday, April 10. Saturday through Tuesday will focus on Seder preparation, Wednesday April 8 (first night) and Thursday 9 (second night) will feature a virtual seder Friday will be a wrap-up and reflection setting.

We will also host a Facebook Live event for the Passover Seders.

Visit the Breaking Matzo Facebook page for Facebook Live event information.

Life in the Pause Daily Meditation

Breaking Matzo has also created a series of Life in the Pause meditations to alleviate anxiety, ease the mind, and hopefully soothe the soul.

Please help me to shine a light in these dark times by sharing this information with anyone you think may be interested.