Quarantine Creativity 3/31/20

Super Hero Pocket Squares

Good morning!

The sun is shining on the outside, I hope that the sun is also shining on your inside – even if only for a brief moment today!

Here are a couple of things to help you smile.

First, a funny video from my brother Laurence!  Quarantine Creativity!

Second, I like to combine my passion for omotenashi, fashion, and pocket squares. My usual sartorial style has been compromised by during this at home period. I had to adapt, adjust, and be creative!  I thought I would share my new homemade pocket square collection. We simply iron on stickers in my own.  Super easy and super fun! I hope that it makes you smile!

Have you discovered any prior routines or habits that you had to alter during this period?  Have you found a blessing in the new creative method and manner of your routine and habit?