The Top Tourist Sites to Visit in Bahrain

What is your favorite trip you have taken? Why is that trip so special to you?

Bahrain offers a wide range of fun and memorable experiences for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the top sites and attractions for tourists visiting Bahrain.

  1. Bahrain National Museum, Manama: This massive museum was opened in 1988 and has become the most popular tourist destination in all of Bahrain. The museum focuses on the history of Bahrain, with an extensive collection of artifacts across the centuries from the many groups that have called the land home. The museum also has rotating galleries and exhibits, so there’s always something new to see.
  2. Royal Camel Farms, Janabiyah: This camel preservation was set up by the late king of Bahrain Sheik Mohammad in order to ensure the species would continue to live in the country. Camels are of deep cultural significance to Bahrain. The wealthiest and most prestigious of the country’s families own camels at the Royal Farm. That being said, all are welcome to see the hundreds of camels that live here.Camel Farm
  3. Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir: Sports fans will love this motor-sports venue that holds a variety of events. The course is used for drag racing, the GP2 series, and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix. It opened in 2004 and that year hosted the first Grand Prix in the Middle East. Racers from all around the world have competed in this arena.
  4. Shawarma Alley, Manama: This block is a little slice of heaven for foodies. The block is lined with stalls, carts, and shops selling a variety of street foods, with Shawarma being the main specialty. It is home to some of the best shawarma makers in the country like Zahlawiya Restaurant and Haifa Cafeteria.
  5. The Gold Souq, Manama: Souqs are a type of Arabic open air market. The Gold Souq was founded over 200 years ago by Indian immigrants to Bahrain. Many of the stalls are still run by the descendants of these immigrants. The souq is considered to be one of the most reasonably priced places to buy golden jewelry. In addition to a great shopping experience, visitors can watch the goldsmiths at work.
  6. Jabal ad Dukhan: Also known as the Mountain of Smoke it is the highest point in Bahrain peaking at 122 miles above sea level. It got its name from a haze that surrounds the mountain on humid days. It is riddled with caves, many of which have yet to be explored. Those that brave the hike up are rewarded with a stunning view of the desert and coast.
  7. Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama: The two 50 story buildings that make up the Bahrain World Trade Center are feats of cutting-edge architecture. The two towers are connected by three sky bridges, each one fitted with a massive wind turbine. These turbines generate sustainable energy that helps to power the building. It is the first skyscraper to integrate wind turbines into its design. Inside is hotel space, restaurants, a business center, a health club, and more.
  8. Al-Areen Wildlife Park Sakhir: This is a nature reserve and a zoo. It is the only protected land in the country. It was established in 1976 and focuses on animals native to Bahrain, though some animals from Africa and Asia are also present. The park also features 100,000 different species of plants.
  9. The Avenues, Manama: The Avenues is a large waterfront shopping center opened in 2017. It was made as a joint venture between partners in Bahrain and Kuwait. It features a variety of shops, gardens, public parks, restaurants, arcades, a jogging track, and more.
  10. National Theatre of Bahrain, Manama: Opened in 2012 this waterside theatre is one of the largest in the Middle East. It has massive main auditorium that can seat over a thousand people and a smaller studio theatre space. It proudly hosts performances by some of the world’s finest artists and holds cultural activities as well.
  11. Jerada: While this looks like a beautiful desert island it is really a tidal sandspit. When the tide is low Jerada is visible and can be walked upon and enjoyed, but when the tide rises the entire sandspit is submerged beneath the oceans. The pristine sand and crystal clear water, alongside its geological uniqueness make Jerada a truly magical place to visit.