Dream Cards: Dreams Shared are Dreamed Stronger Together

Sharing your dreams with others can be empowering and surprisingly satisfying. It’s understandable to be nervous, but I assure you there are few things as powerful and positive as telling others your dreams.

When you dare to share your dreams with others 2 incredible things happen:

The first is that it will help to inspire you. It has been shown that telling other people your dreams can push you to achieve them. The act of saying them aloud to others makes them feel more real and can create a sense of accountability to hold yourself to.

The second is that in doing so, you invite others to help you achieve your dreams. The people who care about you want to see you succeed. When you share your dreams with them, you are offering them the chance to help you achieve your goal. What was once your silent wish has now become a collective dream shared by network of friends, family, and loved ones. Each step towards your goal is a triumph for everyone who helps you on the journey. In turn you can help those you care about and who helped you make their dreams a reality too.

I have a fun way to harness the power of sharing dreams and collectivizing goals into an exciting activity called the Dream Card Game. Part party game and part shared action plan, it is a fun and fulfilling time that offers you a chance to meaningful bond with your loved ones.

To play you just need some writing implements like pens or pencils, paper or index cards, and a group of colleagues, friends and/or family. The game is broken up into 4 easy steps.

Step 1: WRITE DREAM Each person takes a piece of paper/index card and secretly writes down a dream of theirs. Once everyone has written down their dreams, gather up the dream cards and shuffle them together.

Step 2: READ DREAM Each person is dealt a dream card. One by one, each players takes turns reading aloud the dream card they were given.

Step 3: GUESS DREAMER As a group, all players guess who the author of each of the dream cards was.

Step 4: SHARE DREAM The dream cards are collected again and shuffled together facedown once more. Then each player is dealt a dream card. Going in a circle each player reads aloud the dream card they were dealt. This time, they explain to the person who’s dream it is how they will help them achieve their goal. This continues until each player has figured out how to help another make their dream come true.

At the end of the game, you will have all learned a little more about your colleagues, friends, family, and/or loved ones. Beyond that, each of your individual dreams will now become goals shared by the collective. Together you will be able to make greater progress towards all of your dreams than you ever could alone.

Remember, dreams come true if you wish, work, and wait!

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