Can You Discover the Pot of Gold Behind the Rainbow?

Pot of gold

Although rainbows are so beautiful, I wondered if they are real? I realized that when you get up close, rainbows are merely mist and moisture. They are illusions. They look beautiful and seem real but they are actually just light refracting on mist.

On a recent flight to Nantucket, our small Cape Air commuter plane flew directly through a group of clouds. From a distance clouds may seem ominous. However, similar to rainbows, when you get near, they are also merely mist and moisture. Seeing rainbows and clouds can create such different feelings from afar, however up close they are really the same.

Then the plane burst through the clouds and I saw the clear blue sky. I then realized the blue sky is always there. It is just the variability of the weather that obstructs the view of the clear blue sky. Weather changes. The clear blue sky just is. It is only a matter of time and perspective for you to truly see it. Weather or not, we are always at home.

Rainbows and clouds obscure the view of the clear blue sky. However, the clear blue sky is always present. Similarly, in Exodus 20:3, God states that “you will have no other gods on my face” (the Hebrew word “al panai” means “on my face”.) Thus, nothing should obscure one’s view of the clear blue sky or faith in God. Faith in God is the ultimate pot of gold behind each rainbow.

The vision of the clear blue sky being obstructed by the variability of the weather made me realize that although I may be sad or happy now, I have been happy and sad before. Our emotions are temporary. Our feelings and thoughts come and go based on our current circumstances. However, our souls are forever. If you can truly reflect on whom you really are and have faith in the clear blue sky, you can separate your ultimate happiness from the temporary state of your current feelings and thoughts.

I have long held a hiking mantra which a friend told me “Present moment, Only moment”. Chanting it has really helped me over the years deal with various life events and challenges. However, I recently recognized the subtle but powerful addition of the article “a” to the phrase – “Present moment, Only A moment”. I now understood that whatever challenges we may currently face, they are only temporary.

Our faith in God, belief in ourselves and recognition of our soul is the ultimate pot of gold behind each and every rainbow.