Out of the Box Ideas: Make Your Seder Magical & Fun!

Passover Matzo Holder

Encourage participation throughout your Passover Seder! At our Seders, we frequently ask for “Volunteers” to answer questions and contribute during the Seder.

Our dinner discussion questions are a unique opportunity for children to express their own voice to the community. All of the Seder participants listen to each child express his/her opinion/answer to the question. Then, each child listens to each adult’s answer. Judaism actively encourages children to participate in our various services. For example, the Four Questions during Passover Seder, and the weekly reading of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah reading from the Torah which is always an opportunity to teach the congregation in depth about their Torah portion.

Matzo Eating Contest

We start our Seder by asking for volunteers to eat an entire piece of Matzo as fast as possible. It is so much fun and full of laughter as the non-eaters watch the eaters struggle to swallow the matzo without any water. This is so we can have fun and understand what it is like to be thirsty and wander in the desert like the Israelites!


Singing helps! Lots of energy and noise is part of a magical family Seder!

Our Favorite Songs to sing with the kids are Dayenu, Ballad of the Four Sons and Chad Gadya (One Little Goat).

Speed Reading Races

At our Seders, we have a reading race, where we read parts of the Haggadah very, very fast. It adds great energy to the end of the Seder, and since we read it in English, it allows everyone to enjoy the fun of participating. After the meal, to complete our Seder, we finish by speed reading the following songs:

Echad Mi Yodea (Who knows one?)

Adir Hu (God is Mighty)